Beer, bourbon and bites, Jan. 21-26

Two pop-ups at the Robin Room, four beer events and more

Food events this week, Jan. 21-26, include two pop-ups at the Robin Room, four beer events and more.

Lawmakers look to create Beer Commission

Would promote Wisconsin breweries and beer business in the state

Beer and Wisconsin are synonymous around the nation. Now state breweries are the focal point of a new piece of legislation that aims to make Wisconsin the best of the best in the country.

Where is the best pizza in Madison?

From old school to trendy, deep-dish to thin-crust, greasy to gourmet, Madison Magazine digs into the city's pizza scene

The pizza options are delicious and diverse, spanning the cheesy spectrum and representing broader food movements like farm to table.

30 Madison bars we love

From the best beer bars to the swankiest joints...

From the best beer bars to the swankiest joints for a craft cocktail, here are our favorite places to grab a drink

Miller Caves to host concert this weekend

Caves are the site of the Miller beer museum

Actor and musician John C. Reilly is playing two sold-out shows at the "Miller Caves" in Milwaukee this weekend, with his band "John Reilly and Friends."

Brewery founder sits near first lady during speech

Carey met with Obama in November

New Glarus Brewery founder and president Deb Carey was on Capitol Hill Tuesday night sitting in first lady Michelle Obama's box during President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.