Plan Now for Your Future

Local institutions help clients prepare and plan

The last thing most people want to worry about after they retire is money. (That’s what working and raising a family are for.) Retirement should be a time when we see the financial plans we made throughout our careers come together, allowing us to enjoy the fruits of our labor according to our own preferences and priorities. Whether or not we can have the retirement we once envisioned, having skilled, trustworthy financial advisors to call on and a caring retirement community to live in can...

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Make your home ownership a dream come true

Madison lenders help to make it easier

Pulling together the financing involved in purchasing a home can seem like a complicated and daunting task. But these Madison lenders can help make the process easier. As a result, your goal of home ownership might be closer than you think. 

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Navigating Financial and Business Changes: It's More than Money

Financial decisions are not only about money.

Most financial and business decisions are not only about money; they involve a complex mix of financial and family considerations, legal and ethical questions, plus human emotion. Answers are seldom simple, and the guidance of capable professionals can be invaluable. Here, three of Madison’s financial and legal professionals discuss turning points that many individuals and business owners may face.

Bank earnings rebound in 2012

Improvements at Wisconsin banks follow national trend

A new report said Wisconsin banks are rebounding from the economic downturn.