Deadly virus kills key marine species

Climate change means melting ice and habitat loss for animals in the Arctic. But there's an invisible side effect of warming temperatures and rising tides, and it's killing key marine species.

200 reindeer die on Arctic Island

More than 200 reindeer have been found dead this summer in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard -- and climate change appears to be the killer, researchers say.

US denies sinking Arctic Council declaration over climate change

The US State Department on Tuesday denied that it had prevented the Arctic Council from signing a joint declaration after a meeting of the intergovernmental body ended with the release a short statement that did not include the phrase "climate change" instead of a formal declaration.

17 dead as millions grapple with frigid cold

The bitter cold in Chicago has kept hospitals busy, with doctors at one facility during the brunt of an Arctic freeze treating 50 frostbite victims, including some people who may lose an arm or a leg.