13 places for great tap beers

Expand your tap-beer horizons at these restaurants

Whether you’re searching for a top-notch Trappist or a sour mash special, these are the places that’ll expand your tap-beer horizons.

Roach: We have lost truth

America is dysfunctional as it has ever been

It is best if this piece begins with an apology. To all my friends, both real and virtual, I profess my deepest apologies for going nuts on Facebook the last few months. It’s been a problem. 

Heinen: The Read Up! Madison project

Tackle local illiteracy with summer reading plans

I find literacy to be an important issue. More than 20 years of work on behalf of the Schools of Hope project has convinced me how essential it is to be reading at a fourth-grade level by fourth grade. But I’ve only recently considered the extraordinary challenges of adult illiteracy and dyslexia.

Michel: Stories with resonance

Visualize community life through new eyes

Sometimes the best way to visualize the life of a community is to glimpse it through someone else’s eyes.

Muslim in Madison

Madison's Islamic community is diverse and devoted

Despite the rise of political rhetoric painting Muslims with a broad brush, Madison's Islamic community is diverse, devoted and 10,000-strong. 

13 local venues with local talent

Find local artists playing any night of the week

On almost every night of the week, you can find Madison artists playing at local restaurants and bars. These 13 places will immerse you into the local music scene and keep you coming back.

6 lavish gardens squeezed into Madison's urban spaces

Make the most out of urban spaces and small places

The busy, urban areas of our city may be short on space to support lavish gardens, but there’s no shortage of creativity when squeezing in some greenery. If you need inspiration for a small garden, a patio or an odd strip of land—and lack the square footage—here are a few examples.

The Capitol turns 100 this year

This landmark fondly remains the 'people's house'

As the landmark turns 100 this year, it affectionately remains the 'people's house.'

Get a handle on these craft brews

Local and national clever tap handles

Craft breweries both local and national have made a point to build their brands by creating handles that stand out from the crowd.

Unbeetable 'beet galette'

A colorful beet, walnut and goat cheese dish

A bright and beautiful beet, walnut and goat cheese main dish. 

How to plan a small-space garden

Here are some suggestions to maximize garden space

There are many ways to plan a small-space garden, whether you’re planting near a private patio or along a busy urban thoroughfare.