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Roger Stone's trial will bring out memorable cast of characters

Investigators trying to determine whether Roger Stone obtained information from WikiLeaks first had to interview -- and in some cases legally battle with -- a conspiracy theorist, a stand-up comedian, a house painter fighting his subpoena, a White House adviser whose electronic history was apparently deleted and the so-called Manhattan Madam.

Judge won't dismiss Roger Stone case

Roger Stone has lost his attempts to get rid of his criminal charges, but will get access to some unredacted parts of the Mueller report as he prepares for his trial.

Judge bars Roger Stone from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has barred Roger Stone from posting on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and all other forms of social media after finding he purposely tried to gain media attention while under a court-imposed gag order.

Judge expands Roger Stone's gag order

Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson on Thursday dramatically restricted Roger Stone's ability to speak publicly about his case after he published an Instagram post with what appeared to be the crosshairs of a gun drawn behind her head.

Judge warns Manafort on Ukrainian op-ed

The judge handling two men who've pleaded not guilty in the Russia probe expressed frustration with their efforts to change their bail and continue working as political consultants in an hour-long hearing Monday.