ACLU alleges state not issuing temporary IDs for voting

A state Department of Transportation spokeswoman says a report of agency employees refusing to issue temporary IDs for voting is concerning and the agency intends to comply with a federal judge's order for a review of procedures.

ACLU celebrates same-sex marriage win

Gay marriage plaintiffs get engaged

Following Monday's Supreme Court rejection of appeals cases, same-sex marriage advocates celebrated their big win downtown Monday night.

ACLU seeks preliminary block on gay marriage ban

The American Civil Liberties Union has asked a federal judge to issue a preliminary injunction blocking Wisconsin's gay marriage ban while the organization's lawsuit challenging the prohibition continues.

Swabbing before conviction upheld by Supreme Court

U.S. high justices' DNA collection call in line with state proposal

If new rules are approved by the legislature, officers and deputies would be able to swab people for DNA upon arrest of a felony, and anyone convicted of a misdemeanor would go into the DNA database.

Proposal would collect DNA in misdemeanor cases

Lawmakers move to expand DNA database by requiring samples for lesser crimes

Joint Finance leaders passed a Department of Justice proposal on Friday that changes current DNA testing requirements for criminals to include anyone arrested for a felony and all misdemeanor convictions.

ACLU sues over Capitol sing-along crackdown

Capitol police issued citations to protesters

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Scott Walker's administration alleging a police crackdown down on protesters in the state Capitol is unconstitutional.