Boeing relied on single sensor for 737 Max

The device linked to the Boeing 737 Max software that has been scrutinized after two deadly crashes was previously flagged in more than 200 incident reports submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration, but Boeing did not flight test a scenario in which it malfunctioned, CNN has learned.

Source: Boeing whistleblowers report 737 Max problems to FAA

The day after Ethiopia's minister of transportation released a preliminary crash report on Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, four Boeing employees called an Federal Aviation Administration whistleblower hotline that allows employees and the public to report aviation safety issues.

Multiple people killed in fiery crash near Denver

At least four people died when the driver of a semi plowed into stopped traffic along Interstate 70 near Denver, and that driver is being held on four counts of vehicular homicide, police said Friday.

9 countries, 3 US agencies to investigate 737 Max certification

Government officials from civil aviation authorities in nine countries, as well as members of the three US federal agencies, will investigate how the 737 Max airplane was initially certified, according to a release from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Boeing CEO 'sorry' for lives lost in 737 MAX accidents

The pilots on board Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 battled the plane's automated flight control systems for almost the entire duration of the six-minute flight, according to a preliminary report into the crash obtained by CNN on Thursday.

Boeing acknowledges flight control system's role in crashes

Boeing said for the first time Thursday that an anti-stall system on its 737 Max model had played a role in two recent plane crashes, an acknowledgment that will heighten the scrutiny the company is facing as it works to return its signature aircraft -- currently grounded by aviation regulators around the globe -- to the skies.