Planned Parenthood may reject fed funds

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday denied Planned Parenthood's request to reverse its order allowing the Trump administration's Title X abortion clinic-referral restriction to go into effect -- a blow for abortion rights activists after the organization threatened to pull out of the federal family-planning program over the rule.

Tennessee lawmakers exploring abortion ban

Tennessee lawmakers are studying legislation that would impose a near-total ban on abortion in spite of a similar Alabama bill already facing a challenge in federal court.

Federal judge blocks Arkansas abortion restrictions

A federal judge in Arkansas blocked abortion restrictions that were set to take effect on Wednesday, dealing a victory to opponents of the laws who argued they violated Supreme Court precedent, were not medically necessary and imposed an "enormous burden" on a woman's ability to access abortion.

US aid cuts to UN agency will hurt vulnerable women, critics say

The Trump administration will withhold funds from the United Nations agency focused on reproductive and maternal health care for a third consecutive year, though critics and lawmakers say the decision will hurt vulnerable women and children, undermine US interests and is not based on evidence.

Pompeo unveils human rights commission

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a new commission to examine the role of human rights in US foreign policy and which rights should be "honored," raising fears that the Trump administration may be trying to roll back protections for women, LGBTQ groups and minorities.