Swiss company to reintroduce ‘bubble car’

Swiss company to reintroduce ‘bubble car’
Swiss Microlino AG
Electric-powered Microlino car advertised by Swiss company Micro Mobility

Two Swiss brothers are reintroducing a style of vehicle popular in the 1950s and 60s that became an icon for cheap and simple mobility on European roads, Reuters reported.

Oliver and Merlin Ouboter said they have more than 7,000 orders for their Microlino, a modern version of BMW’s Isetta “bubble car.” Production of the Isetta was halted 56 years ago after BMW made 160,000 vehicles, known for their quirky egg shape and minimalist interior.

“The average modern car is way too big for normal use,” the project’s operations chief, Oliver Ouboter, 24, told Reuters.

He said the average car journey involves 1.2 passengers driving less than 22 miles.

The brothers built two prototypes in China and displayed one at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, where they were received warmly by car enthusiasts, according to Reuters.

“We started a reservations list with 500 spots on it, and in three or four days it was filled up,” said Merlin Ouboter, 22, the project’s chief marketing officer.

The cost of the vehicle, according to the company’s website, is less than $14,000.