Sweet Scientists win the ‘Amazing Race’

Madison's own Amy and Maya pull through the finale
Sweet Scientists win the ‘Amazing Race’

We have loved rooting on the Amy and Maya, the two UW food science graduates students known as the “sweet scientists.”

Though the team hasn’t been a dominant force like “the wrestlers” or “the dentists”, they spent much of the Los Angeles finale in the lead.


In the first few moments of the finale, the wrestlers got a little snarky with Maya about how the last episode shook out. Maya took the high ground and basically said, “You can be mad, but don’t take it out on me.”  Seems as if taking the high ground paid off because the “sweet scientists” had the lead for quite some time while the wrestlers seemed doomed off the bat after getting lost.

The scientists lost their #1 spot after not reading a rule properly on a Hollywood set, and that’s when the “soul surfers” took the lead.

Eventually, the sweet scientists fell to third place when the dentists overpowered them after a swimming challenge with the Coast Guard.

By 7:30 p.m. – the halfway mark – it was clear that the sweet scientists were going to need a Christmas miracle to pull ahead.  Still, that didn’t stop the twitterverse from cheering them on!  Just check out #SweetScientists!

A Day in the Life of a Food Science Student

By 7:38, the wrestlers got cut and all of those people who were angry at the team for being rude to the sweet scientists felt sweet revenge.

The great equalizing challenge involved shipping containers at a port and lots of memory.  The challengers couldn’t use notes and it looked like the scientists had a chance…

Meet Maya and Amy

And… their brain power got them back in the first place!!!  Talk about a goosebumps moment.  After that epic moment, the team rushed off to their next location but we knew it was going to be close.  It seemed as if Maya and Amy may have had a taxi driver who didn’t know how to get to the winner’s mat.  Oy!

We could hardly believe it after all the ups and downs during this season, but when we saw the scientists round the corner and head towards the mat, we knew they had won!  You should’ve heard this newsroom roar.  What a great underdog story!

We should add – those young women can sure keep a good secret.  They gave us no indication or vibe that they were the winners, let alone in the final four.  Way to go Amy and Maya!