‘Sweet scientist’ hopes to host TV show about frozen desserts

‘Sweet scientist’ hopes to host TV show about frozen desserts

Maya Warren, one of the winners of the latest episode of “The Amazing Race,” hopes to host a TV show featuring frozen desserts around the world, according to an article on the University of Wisconsin’s website.

“Even before the race, I had this idea to do a television show on ice cream and frozen dessert,” Warren said in the article. “I’ve always been a person who is interested in doing something for the love, not the money.”

Warren is exploring fat agglomeration – how fat molecules cluster together – for her dissertation, according to the article. Her work could help ice cream makers produce low-fat ice cream with better “mouth feel” and less gum and binder.

“Most people who do food shows are chefs, not scientists,” Warren said. “The love for food is growing, so for me it’s a cool opportunity.”

Warren shared the reality show victory with fellow food science grad student Amy DeJong. Warren plans to finish up her doctorate in August.

Warren also plans to stay active in the manufacturing side of frozen desserts, as she has been doing for Babcock Hall’s Frozen Dessert Center.