Suzy Favor Hamilton confirms work as a call girl

Report: Hamilton worked at $600/hr. escort
Suzy Favor Hamilton confirms work as a call girl
Suzy Favor Hamilton

Former U.S. Olympic runner and Madison area resident Suzy Favor Hamilton confirmed she worked in the last year as an escort in Las Vegas.

A report at stated she was a $600-an-hour call girl and went on numerous dates in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and other cities.

Hamilton confirmed the report to WISC-TV and via her Twitter account.

In her Twitter posts, she said she realized she made irrational choices and takes full responsibility for them.

She tweeted, “As crazy as I know it seems, I never thought I would be exposed, therefore never hurting anybody.”

She also posted on her Twitter account: “I cannot emphasize enough how sorry I am to anyone I have hurt as a result of my actions and greatly appreciate the support from family and those closest to me. I fully intend to make amends and get back to being a good mother, wife, daughter and friend.”

She said she is not a victim.

“I was drawn to escorting in large part because it provided many coping mechanisms for me when I was going through a very challenging time with my marriage and my life,” she said. “It provided an escape from a life that I was struggling in. It was a double life.”

She said her reasons for working as a call girl are related to depression and she’s seeking the help of a psychologist.

Hamilton is a three-time Olympian and has worked in recent years as a motivational speaker.

Hamilton was recently featured in a WISC-TV interview.

Suzy Favor Hamilton confirms work as a call girl