Sustainability Stoughton hosts renewable energy event to combat climate change

speaker address group of people

STOUGHTON, Wis. — A group of people in Stoughton learned about the latest renewable energy advances in the fight against climate change at an event Thursday night.

The event was hosted by Sustainable Stoughton, a volunteer organization founded in 2014 dedicated to bringing more sustainability education to the city.

Event speakers highlighted developments in solar and wind technologies.

Attendees were educated on the installation process of solar panels, their declining costs and government incentive programs that can partially fund renewable energy projects.

According to Renew Wisconsin the costs of solar systems have dropped 70 percent in the last decade.

“It’s becoming more affordable for the average American,” said Sustainable Stoughton founding board member Regina Hirsch.

Attendees were also educated on Stoughton Utilities’ Choose Renewable program which allows participants to ensure a portion of their electricity comes from sustainable energy.

The organization will be hosting a series of events leading up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd.

The next event on March 28th is geared toward children and will focus on the impact climate change has on animals.