Survey finds 94 percent of Madison teachers against return to in-person learning

Empty classroom desks

MADISON, Wis. — A recent survey found more than 94 percent of Madison teachers do not want to come back to in-person instruction in the third quarter of the school year.

The survey was conducted by Madison Teachers Inc. and the results were provided to News 3 Now by a member of the union. Almost 1,000 teachers participated in the survey.

MTI teacher third quarter survey

Madison Teachers Inc. says it has a list of expectations for their members to return. Of note, they want to only return to the classroom if metrics are met that are approved by science and health professionals. They also want any in-person work to be voluntary and hazard pay for anyone working in-person.

The district says they’re continuing to work with the teachers union and others on a reentry plan.

“MMSD is proud of our partnership with MTI, and has worked very collaboratively to plan and prepare for these decisions,” the district said in a statement to News 3 Now.

A “Reentry Committee” has been meeting weekly with MMSD to help formulate a plan to return. The committee includes members from various sectors of the community, including MTI leaders.

MMSD Superintendent Dr. Carlton Jenkins is expected to announce a decision for the third quarter of the school year on Friday afternoon. The third quarter begins on January 25th.