Sure sign of winter, Lake Mendota officially iced over

Frozen Lake Mendota
Courtesy Clean Lakes Alliance
File photo

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin State Climatology Office declared Lake Mendota officially frozen on Sunday. The office requires ice to hold for 24 hours before a lake can officially be declared frozen over, according to a release by the Clean Lakes Alliance.

January 12 is two days after last year’s second freeze date, the release said. The median freeze date for Lake Mendota is December 20th, but the warm December and start of January delayed things this year.

Clean Lakes Alliance held its annual Mendota Freeze Contest, asking people to guess when that lake would officially freeze. More than 1,600 people entered and over 20 guessed Lake Mendota would freeze on Jan. 12, according to the release.

Of those who guessed correctly, Jennifer Borgstrom, of Madison, was randomly selected to win a $1,000 Lands’ End gift card.

Borgstrom said she will likely use her winnings to buy gear to use on a trip to Alaska, the release said.

The Clean Lake Alliance is now preparing for its annual Frozen Assets Festival. The festival will take place Feb. 8 at The Edgewater in Madison. It features a bunch of free, family-friendly activities held on Lake Mendota.

Frozen Lake Mendota