Support the Seed to Table partnership

Support the Seed to Table partnership
Neil Heinen

Education in the 21st century has unforeseen challenges that we must meet if we are going to produce citizens who can compete globally.

It requires new thinking, new skills and new partnerships. There are some exciting new examples.

The first is the COMETS Program.  It is a collaborative effort by six community centers, Edgewood College and the University of Wisconsin, funded by the Madison Community Foundation, to provide science and math leaning opportunities in the community centers.

The second is the Seed to Table program the Goodman Community Center has developed that uses agriculture education and culinary arts classes to teach young people valuable employment skills. The Madison School Board has given its blessing to the collaboration between the Goodman Center, Community Groundworks and East High School, funded by federal dollars.

It’s smart, it’s healthy and we think it’s part of the future of public education. And we’re proud of this community for doing it.

Support the Seed to Table partnership