Superheroes of all ages take over Madison

MSCR hosts superhero training for kids, parents
Superheroes of all ages take over Madison

Goons and goblins were no match for the children of Madison as students strapped on their capes to fight crime Saturday afternoon.

“We are going to make the world a better place,” said 7-year-old Aidan.

Superheroes battled 16 different obstacles including flying, walking through fire and fighting the bad guys for the greater good. But the event was not only for mini superheroes; crime fighters of all sizes came out to save the day.

“We just want them to have an opportunity to dress up and have fun. But it’s not just the kids the adults are just as into it, putting on capes and dressing up as well,” event organizer Cristine Reid said.

It’s all in an effort by Madison School and Community Recreation to get kids outside and active and to meet local superheroes in the community.

“They’re doing activities, so they have a reason to interact with the police officers, the firemen that are here,” Reid said.

Parents agreed Saturday’s event was a hit for both them and their children.

“It’s awesome, it’s great. You get out, you get fresh air and get physical and you’re not hibernating like you might in January,” mother Sierra Lavasseur said.

But most importantly for Lavasseur and her daughter Kira, who was dressed as Spiderman, the real victory of the day was spending time with the heroes in their own life.