“Superheroes” come out for safer schools

140 Wisconsin schools have Gay Straight Alliance programs

The 6th annual “Walk/Run/Eat for Safe Schools” took place Sunday morning at Madison’s Goodman Community Center.

The event, hosted by the Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools, brought more than 300 people together.

The goal for the weekend was to raise community awareness about the need for safer schools for lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered students.

140 schools in Wisconsin have Gay Straight Alliance programs and Sunday’s superhero-themed event raised money for safer schools.

“There’s you know, incredible people everyday in all of our schools in Wisconsin that are doing heroic things, to make sure that schools are safe for LGBT youth,” said Kristen Petroshius, co-director of GSAFE. “Especially young people themselves who are really the leaders of the change we want to see.”

Gay Straight Alliance school groups from around the Madison area also attended Sunday’s event.

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