Super Nova

Super Nova

ay “Italian” and romance and style come to mind. Nostrano has both, but the restaurant is more Lady Gaga than Sophia Loren—more Italian American and very much of the moment. It’s cool and contemporary, but as intimate and inviting as a neighborhood trattoria. Chef/owner Tim Dahl uses seasonal ingredients to create thoroughly modern and brilliant dishes. From imaginative whole wheat pappardelle with lamb ragu and sweet and sour pork shoulder with cannellini to more unusual dishes like Brussels sprouts with cured pig jowl and grilled sturgeon with chickpea aioli, the taste is memorable. Nostrano is a bright new star.

PHOTO: Patrons rave about Nostrano’s food, which includes such dishes as this one—whole wheat pappardelle with lamb ragu, harissa, preserved lemons and mint.

111 S. Hamilton St.,

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