Super easy solution to reusing plastic containers

Super easy solution to reusing plastic containers

I don’t like to bake, but I find the tradition of someone baking a ton of goodies during the holidays and then distributing them to family and friends super cute. Over the years, one of the biggest struggles I have heard about it how to transport those homemade goodies without having to ask for your good Tupperware back or shelling out for disposable stuff. Well this simple trick I found on Pinterest will  really make giving out goodies easier during any time of year!

The post says you need pure acetone, a rag and a dish pan. I had acetone to remove finger nail polish (because the acetone-free stuff really doesn’t do the trick), and I had a dish pan because I’ve used it to attempt an at-home spa pedicure before. I wasn’t sure how badly the rag would get ruined (if at all) in this process, so I decided to try a paper towel (and yes, I’m so cool that I have Cars paper towels!). The post didn’t say how much acetone to use, but it didn’t take much. I just used enough to get the paper towel completely wet and the wrapped it around the container.

After about 10 minutes (the post says 3-5 minutes but I lost track of time) I moved the paper towel just a little bit, and all of the green ink under the spot I moved wiped right off. With a few quick swipes of the paper towel my once-green cottage cheese container was completely white, including the top that I flipped upside down into the extra acetone.

Pinterest do or don’t? This is definitely a great project to reuse everyday containers. The process was super simple and worked exactly like it said it would. Now I have a perfectly blank canvass to fix up nice and pretty to send someone some goodies! Maybe I will have to bake this week!