Sunshine Week keeps government open, accountable

Sunshine Week keeps government open, accountable
State Capitol

This year’s Sunshine Week finds a mixed bag as far as efforts to keep your government open and accountable.

The annual accounting of government’s compliance in your right to know how it does the people’s business shows access to information at all levels of government in this country is worse today than it was four years ago, although a recent investigation by the Wisconsin State Journal shows here in Wisconsin response times to open records requests have improved somewhat.

And a week or so ago Gov. Scott Walker issued an executive order directing state agencies to put more information online and to track response time to records requests.

But overall governments continue to try to hinder the abilities of journalists and citizens to get public records or get into public meetings, rights we need protected and used more than ever in this political climate of money, keeping power at all costs and describing the media as the enemy.

The light of open records illuminates the truth.