Sun Prairie raises money for four additional pickleball courts

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis.– Even a windy day can’t keep the pickleball courts at Wyndham Hills Park from filling up.

That’s why Sun Prairie approved the pickleball court expansion project. The additional four courts will be located northwest of the existing six courts. It also includes fencing and windscreens.

The Sun Prairie Parks Department can’t fund the estimated $120,000 expansion on its own.

Sun Prairie Friends, a public charity, is fundraising half of it. Vice President Bill Dunlop said they’ve already reached $30,000.

Sun Prairie Parks Friends works with the city’s parks department through volunteering, fundraising, advocacy and collaboration. The group hosts clean up events and helped build an ADA accessible park.

“What it does is provides the community an opportunity to actually put some time and money and effort into their own park systems so that they have ownership in them,” Dunlop said.

Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Director Kristin Grissom said she’s thankful for the group’s effort to help the city do what it wouldn’t be able to with only taxes and fees.

“Even in the short amount of time they’ve been in existence, there’s already been a pretty big impact. So, I’m really excited to see what the future will hold,” Grissom said.

Despite forming in late 2020, Sun Prairie Parks Friends already has nearly 100 members. They’re always looking for more. Learn more about the organization and its pickleball fundraiser on its website.