Sun Prairie police create advisory board for community members

Sun Prarie PD

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. — The Sun Prairie Police Department has announced a new advisory board to give community members a forum for addressing safety and other issues with police.

According to the news release, the Chief of Police will refer to the board for the development of community policing concepts and programs.

The board will consist of volunteer citizens from “a diverse cross-section of community members,” including high school students.

Adult members will serve a renewable three-year term, while high school members will serve a maximum of two one-year terms.

Members will attend an orientation to become familiar with city government, the police department and rules of the board. They will also be encouraged to complete the department’s Citizens Police Academy program and can participate in a ride-along with a Sun Prairie police officer.

Board members will not be compensated or receive any benefits, as the release stated they are volunteers and not city employees.

Those who have questions or are interested in applying can call Business Manager Michelle Garrison at 608-825-1149 or send an email to