Sun Prairie families hire lawyer in response to 6th grade history assignment on slavery

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. — An attorney is now representing two families in the Sun Prairie School District after 6th grade students received a controversial assignment on slavery.

It was focused on antient Mesopotamia and King Hammurabi’s code and asked students how they would punish a slave who was talking back.

Attorney B’Ivory Lamarr said he could not believe something like this could take place in 2021 and that asking young children to take the position of a slave owner was appalling.

“These teachers acted intentionally,” Lamarr said. “They were contacted by the Hopkins family immediately as the assignment was presented. The teacher initially stated ‘OK we’ll take it off’ and later decided ‘Oh you know what I’m going to leave it on.’ So they were deliberately indifferent to the emotional harm that they knew it would cause. This is nothing less than intentional.”

Lamarr is calling for justice for these families and to bring attention to what happened.

He will also call for all teachers who were involved to be fired as a result of the emotional distress they caused.