Sun Prairie cuts salt use in half, saves thousands in budget

New initiative will save over $37,000

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis.— Despite being one of the fastest growing cities in the state, Sun Prairie purchased 500 tons less of salt.

“More streets every year, but we are actually ordering less salt every year,” Director of Public Works Lee Igl said.

In past years, plows dropped 300 pounds of salt per lane mile. Now, plows drop about 150 pounds per lane mile, according to Igl.

“We’re still getting the same results from basically cutting our quantity that we are applying on the roads in half,” Igl said.

Igl said when salt is priced at about $75 per ton, cutting back saves Sun Prairie $37,500.

“Two years ago we were using about 85 ton per snow storm of about 3 to 4 inches of snow.  This year we are using averaging around 45 ton of salt per 3 to 4 inch storm,” Igl said.

Igl said there’s no longer a strong salt residue left on the roads after storms, which helps reduce the amount of salt in the water.

“Our roads would have this white hue to them after the the storm and after the roads dried up. That residual does kind of melt snow but it also is just awful just washes away as the snow is coming down,” Igl said.