Sun Prairie Balloon Artist brings joy to neighborhood with colorful lawn display


SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. — A Sun Prairie balloon artist decorated her lawn with an array of balloon sculptures to bring joy to her neighborhood during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pop Art business owner Dawn Ferengo said she first started twisting balloons after a friend in high school taught her how. 

Ferengo who now has 25 years of experience said she wanted to do something with her free time to help people get through the difficulties brought on by the coronavirus.

“It’s a time where everybody is really anxious and worried and you know the constant bad news everytime you turn around. It’s helpful just to have a little bit of a distraction,” Ferengo said.

With the help of her husband and kids Ferengo began decorating her lawn just a couple of days ago and has already gotten some excited feedback from her neighbors.

“We’ll be sitting in the living room and see cars come by and all the sudden they slow down and every once in a while a kiddo will get out of the car and run around all the balloons and it’s super cute to see,” Ferengo said.

After bringing the family along to some balloon conventions she said that Pop Art has become more of a family business–with her husband as one of her biggest supporters.

“He used to just kind of put up with it when we were first married. Now he said to me, I actually love this! So it’s fun to see it through his eyes where he’s now staying up all night watching Youtube videos on how to make different things and coming up with designs,” she added.

Ferengo also added that her youngest especially loves balloon twisting and even does it competitively hoping to be one of the best twisters in the world.

According to Ferengo she and her family will keep adding to the colorful display on their lawn and rotating pieces for as long as they’re stuck at home.

“It’s just nice to see something that makes you smile and I think that’s really important for people so we can all make it through this,” she added.