Sun Prairie aims to tackle bullying this school year

Sun Prairie aims to tackle bullying this school year

Sun Prairie Area School District met for their first District Taskforce On Student Behavior and Bullying meeting. The task force will identify issues and find solutions for those behaviors.

“During this process we are going to be able to research what are the differences between some of our schools, what are some of the great things we are doing already, what are some of the things other districts are doing, and how can we put that all in place for Sun Prairie,” member Rogette Koby said.

The task force is not only to protect those getting bullied, but also those doing the bullying.

“There could be issues that we could absolutely help solve if we knew what they were,” Koby said. “Bringing the parents to the table allows us to do that.”

The city of Sun Prairie is also taking action by proposing an ordinance, which would city parents if their child bullies another student.

“What would trigger the need to go to the ordinance that might allow for a parent to receive a citation would be repeated incidents of bullying within a short period of time,” Sun Prairie City Council President Bill Connors said.

The idea is to make parents aware if their child is bullying others.

“The communities where this ordinance has been enacted, Monona and Plover for example, they’ve never gotten beyond the warning letter stage,” Connors said. “In every situation, informing the parent has stopped the bullying.”

The ordinance is expected to be voted on at the next Sun Prairie City Council meeting on Sept. 3.

The district task force on student behavior and bullying will meet again on Sept. 16.

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