Summertime Sips

Summertime Sips

Eno Vino

Known for attracting a cult-like following, the award-winning Kinda Blue is the kinda drink you can order time after time and still be impressed by its minty complexity. Hints of blueberry and lemon give it a fruity but balanced flavor profile.

601 Junction Rd., 664-9565,

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Craft cocktails are Merchant’s thing, so a revision to its original Rosa in Fiore recipe must mean this beta version is pretty darn good. A gin base with fresh lemon and grapefruit juice, rose water, bitters and lavender claret make for a refreshing blend of floral and citrus.

121 S. Pinckney St., 259-9799,

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Eldorado Grill

Eldorado boasts many creative and flavorful variations of the staple southwestern cocktail, but skip the sweeter stuff and head straight for the house marg. Upgrade to top shelf tequila–it’s worth it.

744 Williamson St., 280-9378,

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What is it about scooping a cocktail out of a bowl that screams carefree summer nights? While Nostrano’s version possesses a bit more elegance than your average party drink (no sticky ladle here), the Jackman Punch still has that fruity summertime flavor that’s great for day or night.

111 S. Hamilton St., 395-3295,

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Crisp, light and colorful, the Monk’s Summer will delight discerning sippers looking for a change of pace. Snag a sidewalk table and linger over this pick-me-up of gin, Chartreuse and lemon and lime juices.

117 E. Main St., 294-9371,

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Restaurant Muramoto

A twist on an old favorite, this cocktail has bite, zing and style in spades. Pair it with all-you-can-eat sushi on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and you’ve got the setup for a perfect night out.

225 King St., 259-1040,

All photos by Katrina Taloza.