Summertime Canned Beer and Boxed Wine

Summertime Canned Beer and Boxed Wine

Summer is an excellent time for the beer and wine industry in Wisconsin. From backyards and beaches to boats and bleachers, there are not many places you won’t see a Wisconsin resident enjoying a drink. The only problem: glass isn’t allowed everywhere, nor do you want to lug a heavy 12-pack around. No need to fear, canned beer and boxed wine are here (and better than ever)!

If the first images that pop into your head are punch-top cans of Miller Lite and boxes of Franzia wine, then think again. Micro and craft breweries, and quality wine producers are jumping on the no-glass bandwagon in a big way and winning over palates across the state.

“What we’ve seen in the last six months–between Fat Tire, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Six Points, Oskar Blues, Dave’s Brew Farm way up north in Wilson, Wisconsin–is a huge upsurge in canned beer,” says Adam Casey, the beer guy at Star Liquor on Williamson Street. “I look at micro and craft beers who aren’t doing and think, ‘what are you waiting for?'”

The benefits of drinking beer in a can during the summer are innumerable, especially for the environmentally conscious person. Aluminum cans are extremely portable and eliminate any glass issues. Cans keep light out and CO2 in, thus, they don’t warm up as fast as glass bottles. As Oskar Blues Brewery, out of Colorado– one of the front-runners of craft canned beer– states on its site, cans are the easiest beverage package to recycle and “one recycled aluminum can generates 95% less pollution than one made from scratch.”
As the picnic and grilling season picks up, take a look at these craft and micro brews in cans:


Wine enthusiasts, don’t worry; a non-glass alternative exists for you too.

For Star Liquor, the advent of boxed wine has been “kind of a revelation,” Casey says. Their most popular brand is Bota Box–the Pinot Grigio or the Malbec. One 3-liter box is the equivalent of four bottles of quality wine that stays fresh for up to 45 days.

Boxed wines come in all sizes–from juice-box size to a box with 20-glasses worth. Try these wines at your next outdoor event:

So forget the bottle opener and the corkscrew at your next picnic, be a little nicer to the environment and pick up a box of wine and a can of beer at a store near you. You will be pleasantly surprised.