Sujeo Is a Pan-Asian Panacea

Sujeo Is a Pan-Asian Panacea
Choices at Sujeo include the chili crab (front) and the KBC, or Korean broasted chicken (back).

Rock-star restaurateur Tory Miller’s third dining concept is proof that comfort food doesn’t have to be boring. Sujeo (pro-nounced “sue-joe”)—the customary Korean table setting of chopsticks and a spoon—is as much about his mastery of flavors as it is about his Asian heritage. Instead of a tome of dishes, Chef Miller focuses on getting favorites right, from egg rolls and pho to fried rice and spicy noodles. The KBC—Korean broasted chicken—and pineapple soft serve will never be dismissed as junk food! The noodle bar is ground zero in the contemporary diner space and the place to be late night.

10 N. Livingston St., 630-9400 

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