Successful fundraiser means thousands will see

Successful fundraiser means thousands will see

Six weeks ago we asked you to support the work of the Madison-based non-profit Combat Blindness International in recognition of its 30th anniversary celebration of providing eye care to blind and vision-impaired people around the world who cannot afford or get access to treatment.

We want you to know that between the 200 people who showed up on World Sight Day and others who sent in contributions, Combat Blindness international raised over 100-thousand dollars.

At $20 apiece, which is what it costs CBI to provide a sight-restoring cataract surgery, that’s five thousand people who will no longer suffer from needless sight impairment.

We want you to know that we know how often we ask you to give money to efforts we think are important. We take these asks seriously and we don’t do them if we don’t believe in them. We believe in Dr. Suresh Chandra and his team at Combat Blindness International. And we thought you’d like to know that your generous help means a lot of people are going to have their sight returned to them.