Stylists develop new product for female hair loss

Middleton salon offers product

It’s a trait mostly associated with men, but the American Academy of Dermatology said hair loss affects 30 million American women as well.

The medical term is androgenetic alopecia, and for women, the causes can vary from pregnancy, menopause to simply stress. It’s why salons hope a new product developed and tested in Madison can help clients around the country.

“I try not to dwell on vanity,” said Sherrol Yurs, who has experienced hair loss. “You want to try and look the best that you can, and when you’re missing something that makes you feel like you’re a whole woman, it’s hard.”

Yurs said she started losing her hair when she was pregnant with her first child 25 years ago.

“You know, it’s just kind of an embarrassment.” Yurs said. “Having thin hair is really hard for a woman.”

Stylists at Aniu Salon in Middleton said Yurs is not alone, but finding the right solution for women has been a challenge.

“There wasn’t a really good solution until this point,” said Aniu stylist Gina Hees. “There were a lot of topical products, products where you could have surgery, products the client can shampoo; they were slow going.”

But stylists are now looking to the Evolve Volumizer — an integration system made of 100 percent human hair.

“(It has) a silicone mesh that adheres to the client’s head,” Hees said. “These are fixing points, then attached by connecting points.”


Eleven stylists around the country, including Hees, developed the Volumizer in hopes of providing a long-term, chemical-free solution to female pattern baldness.

The half hour installation looks more like crochet, looping through hair from the client and the Volumizer.

Yurs recently used the Volumizer to counteract her hair loss.

“I don’t think I’ve had (bangs) since I was in the eighth grade or something,” Yurs said. “I see a different woman, especially because when I was growing up, I had pretty hair. And that was the one thing that people would complement me on was my pretty hair.”

The Evolve Volumizer costs $1,000 for its initial installation and styling. Clients are asked to come back every four to six weeks to re-tighten and re-set the piece, which runs at about the cost of a normal cut and style.

In the interest of full disclosure, Aniu Salon cuts and styles the hair of WISC-TV’s on-air staff.