Style on the Go

Style on the Go

If you caught of Madison Magazine, you saw that we have bikes on the brain, and we’re not alone. With six percent of Madisonians reporting they regularly use bikes as a mode of transportation, the question is not whether or not to ride a bike, but which bike to ride! If your ten-speed is collecting dust, fear not: the resurgence of the cruiser bicycle just might make you want to don a sun dress, grab a basket and take one of these vintage-inspired rides for a spin.

Erik’s Bike and Board Shop on the west side has a classic beach cruiser model with their 2011 Raleigh Women’s Retroglide 1-speed Cruiser Bike in Blu [shown above]. The white fenders, cushy seat and feminine frame make this cruiser the perfect bike to show off summer’s more delicate trends on, while the flames on the chain guard added a fun youthful touch. There are only a few left in stock at the store, adding to the romance of a one-of-a-kind fashionable riding experience.

Trek Bikes has a slightly more practical model with their 2012 Classic Steel Ladies bike [shown at right]. This bike eschews fenders and opts for a black seat and handlebars, but retains the feel of the vintage beach cruiser without some of the fuss. While not yet in any showrooms, the bike can be ordered from Williamson Bicycle Works or directly from Trek and picked up at either stores’ east or west locations. The Coastal Blue is shown here, but Metallic Rose and Gloss Purple are available as well.,

Allegra Dimperio is an editorial intern at Madison Magazine.

Photos courtesy of Erik’s Bike and Board Shop and Trek Bikes.