Style Department Happenings

Style Department Happenings

s I’ve written before, concepting and executing photo shoots is hard work. There’s always a push for me to take big-picture ideas that are seen online and in national mags and translate them to our local market. You might check out your favorite websites daily for the latest in restaurant news, where to shop and extra online features. Daily Candy, Who What Wear and fashion bloggers (here’s one of my faves) are my favorite sites to look at.

Part of what always appeals to me on shows like America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway is the behind the scenes action. You know that Anya (winner of Project Runway‘s season 9) was sometimes sewing her models into the garments for the runway show and those Top Model girls? I always wait every season to see what makeovers Tyra has in mind for each of the girls. (Bonus action for when the girls break down when their hair gets cut!).

I thought about behind the scenes recently as I found myself in a photo shoot. Yes, I had to be in front of the camera for once. It was kind of difficult honestly because I was hyper-aware of my face, my body position and all of those other things that other people probably don’t think about (and trust me, you don’t want to!). I had to tell myself to relax and surprisingly, the photos turned out pretty well (well, most of them). I don’t tend to think about being in front of the camera when I’m on “Live at Five” (see the clip below!) since it all happens so fast.

So the takeaway is this: try not to be self-conscious in front of the camera! It’s so obvious when you’re having a good time and not even worrying about the photographer. Genuine smiles and facial expressions can’t be faked—unguarded moments are the best. But be sure to read more of my tips on an upcoming blog on how to prepare for a photo shoot!

Below I wanted to share a few projects I’ve been working on in the past month or so. Two of them are videos that were featured along with the January digital issue, one is a Live at Five appearance and another is a slideshow of some behind the scenes shots of two different jewelery shoots we did recently. Enjoy!

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Live at Five appearance: