Study finds more residents moving out of Wisconsin

Moving company tracks trends for out-of-state moves
Study finds more residents moving out of Wisconsin

A new study said more residents in Wisconsin are looking to move to a different state.

The research looks at where America’s moving trucks are headed, and it appears more people are moving out of Wisconsin rather than coming in.

Wisconsin resident Mary Krogull said she’s moving to Iowa on Tuesday.

“I’ve been here for a really long time,” Krogull said. “I didn’t really plan on moving. And if I had planned on moving, it would probably be somewhere a little warmer than Iowa. But that’s where the job happens to be.”

Let go after 26 years at the research company Covance, Krogull is now working for a company in Des Moines, Iowa.

And she looks to be part of a growing trend. Moving company United Van Lines tracked states with the highest percentage of out-of-state moves, and Wisconsin rounds out the top 10. Several followers on WISC-TV and Channel 3000’s Facebook page left the state already, including Amanda Harvey.

“I had to weigh out what was going to be the best decision,” Harvey said. “I couldn’t financially stay in Wisconsin. Even with unemployment, there was no way I could have paid my bills and done what I needed to do for my family.”

The insurance adjuster found a new opportunity in Lubbock, Texas, but said it was purely a move out of necessity.

“We need to really look at some of the states that aren’t on that list in terms of people moving out and figure out what are the things that have worked,” Harvey said.


“I wanted to stay in the state, but I was really more focused on getting a good job,” Krogull said. “I was willing to go wherever the job was.”

The study found that the top five places people were moving to in 2012 were: Washington, D.C., Oregon, Nevada, North Carolina and South Carolina.

For more on the study, go to this website.