Students speak up about mental health

Students speak up about mental health

It is always powerful when young people show the way, when young people have the courage to speak up where others might not.

There was a story in the Wisconsin State Journal last week about three Sun Prairie High School students who organized a Mental Health Awareness Seminar at the high school a couple of weeks ago. The three 17 year-olds, Ryan Newquist, Ashley Unmacht, and Conner Nikolay were motivated by Conner’s personal experience with a mental illness to address a need to help young people like themselves deal with their own mental health issues or those of their friends or family members. The theme of the seminar was “Still Human,” and it was so successful they’re offering a similar seminar Thursday night.

We wanted to tell you about it because you just might want to attend and learn something yourself. But we also want to thank these students for being willing to do something a lot of adults can’t do…and that’s talk about mental illness with understanding, compassion and the knowledge that not talking about it is the worst thing we can do.