Students organize protest in response to UW-Madison meal plan

Students organize protest in response to UW-Madison meal plan

The controversy over UW-Madison’s meal plan policy is heating up.

Students have voiced their opposition to the $1,400 required meal plan from the start. And now, they’re getting louder.

Many students have wanted this dining plan overturned since it was first announced late last year. The school says it will help families better manage their budgets, but students say they feel like the school is exploiting them.

Incoming students living in dorms would be required to purchase a meal plan; the minimum amount is $1,400.

Jeff Novak, director of university housing, told News 3 in December that in the past, students loaded their cards as needed and parents didn’t know how much their kids would need to eat.

But some students argue it’s unfair for low-income students.

“For a public institution like University of Wisconsin-Madison to implement a policy that would further marginalize students of color, students from low-income backgrounds, it’s really atrocious and ridiculous,” UW-Madison senior Tyriek Mack told News 3.

Mack says he was outraged when he heard about the policy change.

In retaliation of the plan, he organized a protest.

On Tuesday, students are planning to shut down Gordon Commons, protesting the plan and demanding the administration overturn it.

The event is happening from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Mack says he expects at least 100 students there.