‘Students are where the heart is’: UW-Madison students watch, participate in protests

MADISON, Wis. — Protest marches are touching just about every street near the Capitol Square, including parts of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Students who just moved in are watching as history plays out from their front porches.

“I’ve seen a couple out my window the past two nights, just coming this way down the street,” Kate Kuhn, a student, said.

Large groups of people, mainly staying peaceful early in the night and shouting for all to hear.

“No justice, no peace,” Molly Schiff, a student, said she’s heard from her home.

Sometime protesters even encouraging students to join their movement.

“I think two nights ago they were down Langdon (Street), (saying) like ‘We’re out here. Are you going to come out,'” Karissa Schumacker, a student, said.

Schumacker decided she wasn’t just going to sit and watch. She tagged along with the marches.

“It’s pretty awesome. It’s really inspiring,” Schumacker said.

Schumacker said she has made sure to stick only with peaceful crowds, and stay away from the destruction.

“That’s not really what the intentions of the movement are, and if damage does happen, that’s kind of mob mentality,” Schumacker said.

Students said they appreciate living so close to history as it plays out.

“I feel there’s no better place for a movement like this than in Madison, because students are where the heart is,” Schumacker said.

A UW-Madison spokesperson said the school is aware of how close these events are to campus and student housing, adding that UW Police are working closely with the city. The University has resources to keep students in the know about safety including, WiscAlerts, Off-Campus Alerts, WiscGuardian, and a UWPD Downtown Liaison Officer.