Stoughton youth hockey battles over giant jersey mistake

Stoughton youth hockey battles over giant jersey mistake

The president of Stoughton’s non-profit hockey club said the league wants a Minnesota-based sports clothing company to refund hundreds of dollars they have spent altering giant youth jerseys.

 “It has been the biggest pain I’ve ever had in 10 years of hockey,” Stoughton Youth Hockey President Wade Rewey said.

Rewey said he saw Minnesota-based Breakaway Sportswear jerseys on a number of teams while attending a hockey tournament with his son in Minnesota.

“Checked the kids that were wearing them. The sizes looked good. The quality looked good,” Rewey said.

After sending a sample of their old youth XL jersey, thinking that would help Breakaway Sportswear size them, he decided to send almost $3,500 so 24 jerseys could be ordered for the 9-12-year-olds on the team.

“We started the process late, so we knew we’d get the jerseys a little late,” Rewey said.  “Ended up getting them a month and a half after we thought we would.  Then when we did get them: too big. Wrong colors. Everything that could be wrong, went wrong.”

Rewey’s frustration starts with Breakaway Sportswear owner Jeff Mlekoday.  Rewey said a team parent ended up paying an additional $600 to have the jerseys altered after Mlekoday did not respond to his concerns.

“Even when they’re close, they’re still tucking them into their bruisers. Tucking them into their gloves.  They’re supposed to see the numbers in their sleeve. Most of the numbers are in their glove,” Rewey said.

The door was locked at Breakaway Sports Thursday afternoon. Owner Jeff Mlekoday said by phone the team didn’t do their due diligence with the order, ordering later than recommended and sending him a sample size versus receiving samples and colors to choose from.

In a statement Mlekoday said:

“In brief, since early 2014 we have been working with the Stoughton organization positively and have continued this practice throughout the order and our most recent conversation with their President Wade Rewey in early January 2015.

“Regarding the order, Stoughton did not request a size suite to appropriately size their garments prior to ordering as most organizations do.  These services are available to all of our customers including the opportunity to manufacture a full size suite of jerseys according to their exact jersey specifications colors and design.  Unfortunately, these services were refused by Stoughton upon placing their order.

“Regardless of fault, in early January we verbally offered Stoughton’s president Wade Rewey a number of resolutions pertinent to their order.  Unfortunately, we have not received a response from their President or the organization in general in any form since this conversation.

“Ultimately with all of our products, services, and each of our customers we work with, we are focused on positive results, resolutions, and long term business relationships regardless of fault.  Unfortunately, with this situation we have not had a response from Stoughton to do so.”

Rewey said there were responses, including letting Mlekoday know Stoughton Youth Hockey would have to get the jerseys altered so they could be used this season. 

Friday afternoon Mlekoday offered to replace the jerseys at no cost, but the team only asked to be reimbursed for the alterations.

A Minnesota company, which wishes to remain anonymous, has offered to donate new jerseys to the team after seeing the story.