Stoughton police arrest 16-year-old for attempted purse-snatching at Walmart

Stoughton police stop stolen car, arrest teen

STOUGHTON, Wis. — Stoughton police say they have arrested a 16-year-old for allegedly trying to steal a purse from a 65-year-old woman over the summer.

Police say the incident happened outside of the Walmart on Highway 138 on July 1st, when a young man wearing a ski mask jumped out of the passenger side of a stolen vehicle before trying to wrestle a purse away from the woman.

He failed to get the purse and got back in the stolen car, which drove off toward Oregon with a woman behind the wheel. The 65-year-old woman was not injured.

Stoughton Police announced Monday they were able to identify the suspect as a 16-year-old boy, who was arrested and taken to the juvenile reception center. Police say the case remains under investigation.