Storm cleanup in Southeastern Wisconsin continues into day 2, National Weather Service confirms fifth tornado


VILLAGE OF WALES, Wisconsin (WDJT) — The latest count is up to five tornados as a result of Wednesday night’s severe storms in Southeastern Wisconsin.

The National Weather Service of Milwaukee survey shows the tornado first touched down near Highway 18 and Brandybrook Road before traveling southeast.

The worst of the damage in that part of Waukesha County has already been cleaned up. In fact, you might not even guess a tornado touched down two days ago.

Richard Bowen lives in what was determined to be the path of the tornado.

“They cleaned it up very quickly. They got the power going very quickly,” Bowen said. “The warnings were very good and they were very precise.”

A couple of tree branches was the only damage his yard sustained. His neighbor a couple of doors down, however, wasn’t so lucky.

“Very strange,” Bowen said.

Unlike the rest of the block, Bowen’s neighbor’s yard suffered multiple fallen trees, as if the path of the tornado just passed over the one home.

“He had just a beautiful landscape, just gorgeous. Now, all of those big trees are blown out of there,” Bowen said. “I don’t know what they’re going to do with that.”

A CBS 58 news crew attempted to reach the property owner, but they didn’t appear to be home.

Jefferson County is facing a much larger mess.

“There’s a building and half of it is gone,” Terry Decicco said, pointing to a property he owns in Concord. “I don’t think people know what it is to end up with a mess like this.”

More than 24 hours into cleanup and repairs, Decicco is trying to find out how much insurance will cover.

“Even though you got insurance, that don’t cover it all. You think it does, but it don’t,” Decicco said.

Initial conversations with his insurance company lead him to believe a decent chunk will be coming out of his own pocket.

“What does that cost me? It costs me a lot of money,” Decicco said.

Each of these tornados were only 20 miles apart, yet the two counties are facing a significantly different experience Friday.