Stone taking PSC job instead of Suder

Stone taking PSC job instead of Suder

A new face from the Legislature will be taking a job at the State Public Service Commission.

Gov. Scott Walker announced Thursday that Rep. Jeff Stone, R-Greendale, will be taking a job as the commission’s water division administrator.

He’ll get the position instead of former Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder, who has recently been under fire for directing a state grant to a group he had connections to.

Stone said he was contacted about the job a week ago.

“The reality is I was contacted and I was informed that Scott Suder was taking a different position outside of government, and they asked if I would be interested in pursuing that,” Stone said.

Stone has been in the Legislature for 15 years.

Suder sent a letter Thursday to the commission saying he accepted a job with the Wisconsin Paper Council.

The PSC said he was not asked to leave the agency.