Steven Avery’s attorney tweets evidence not included in ‘Making a Murderer’ docuseries

The attorney for Steven Avery, the subject of a popular Netflix documentary on his conviction for the murder of a Wisconsin photographer, is sharing details about her continued investigation and theory of the crime that would exonerate Avery.

Kathleen Zellner, Avery’s attorney who specializes in wrongful conviction cases, sent out 69 tweets Thursday afternoon discussing evidence in the case that she said point to Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych as 25-year-old Theresa Halbach’s killers.

The first 10-part “Making a Murderer” docuseries featured the story of Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, who were convicted in the 2005 killing of Halbach. Avery and Dassey are serving life sentences for their convictions. The second 10-part season of the documentary, which was released on Oct. 19, introduced Zellner, further examined what Zellner said is exculpatory evidence and followed the appeals processes of Brendan Dassey and Avery’s cases.

Halbach’s remains were found in the Avery family’s Manitowoc County salvage yard. Avery insists police framed him. Dassey has argued detectives coerced him into confessing that he helped Avery rape and kill Halbach.

Steven Avery’s attorney tweets evidence not included in ‘Making a Murderer’ docuseries

In the series of tweets Thursday, Zellner expounded on evidence her post-conviction investigation has uncovered that she said implicates Bobby Dassey, Brendan’s brother and Avery’s nephew, and Scott Tadych, Avery’s brother-in-law and Bobby and Brendan’s stepfather.

Zellner tweeted that Bobby Dassey’s motive for killing Halbach was a “rage killing motivated by rejection,” saying that Bobby Dassey had seen Halbach at the property before and had his eye on her.

It was a rage killing motivated by rejection. #AskZellner

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) November 15, 2018

Yes. #askzellner

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) November 15, 2018

In a 21-tweet string, Zellner laid out parts of her investigation that weren’t covered in “Making a Murderer” concerning Halbach’s Toyota RAV4, the disposal of Halbach’s body and the framing of Avery.

“The killer is the person who had the access and opportunity to plant Steven Avery’s fresh blood in Teresa Halbach’s car,” Zellner tweeted.

Zellner also answered dozens of questions from Twitter users about the case. One of the topics covered was the battery in Halbach’s RAV4. Zellner said her investigation indicates the battery died and was replaced so the RAV4 could be moved to the Avery Salvage Yard.

“We’ve confirmed that it was replaced with the wrong-sized battery for the RAV4–the same size battery that is used in Crown Victorias,” Zellner tweeted. She also confirmed that her investigation has traced who changed or owned the battery that was put in the RAV4, but didn’t identify who.

19. Suspect planted blood in RAV4, bones in Steven’s burn pit, and TH’s electronics in Steven’s burn barrel.

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) November 15, 2018

She also revealed that testing for DNA in the Dassey garage is underway. According to the tweets, Bobby Dassey said he hung a deer corpse in his garage in the days after Halbach went missing, which Zellner said is suspicious.

“Bobby’s story is inconsistent as to when he hung the deer, making it highly suspicious that he had an ulterior motive for hanging it,” she tweeted. She said the Dassey garage is being tested for DNA and blood.

Of course. DNA lasts for years and blood is very difficult to clean up. #askzellner

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) November 15, 2018

Another subject raised in the tweets was what Zellner said happened to Halbach’s remains that are still missing; she said a note from a witness supports the theory that Tadych disintegrated her remains at his workplace by burning them in a smelter.

11. 60% of bones and 31 teeth missing

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) November 15, 2018

Zellner also said Avery’s family knew about the bleeding cut on his hand and, panicked from a police visit, would have been able to collect it and plant it in the RAV4 to frame him.

Yes. He had access to Steven’s blood because he had access to Steven’s trailer on 11/3/05. #AskZellner

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) November 15, 2018

Of course. The police had just been on the property and he would have been panicked to divert attention from himself. #AskZellner

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) November 15, 2018

“In conclusion, the killer is the person who had the access and opportunity to plant Steven Avery’s fresh blood in Teresa Halbach’s car,” she tweeted.

Avery’s request for a new trial was rejected in November 2017 by Sheboygan County Circuit Judge Angela Sutkiewicz.

On Sept. 6, Sutkiewicz ruled that Zellner couldn’t add a CD that Zellner said contains exculpatory evidence to Avery’s appellate record.

In June, the Supreme Court declined to weigh in on Brendan Dassey’s case.

Tadych and Bobby Dassey have not been charged with any crime related to Halbach’s death. Bobby Dassey was a witness for the prosecution during Avery’s trial in 2007.

Bobby was the State’s star witness. #askzellner

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) November 15, 2018

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