“Stay strong Evansville’ signs thank frontline workers

EVANSVILLE, Wis. — A group of local businessmen in Evansville have put up signs with the words ‘stay strong Evansville’ throughout their community to show their appreciation for the city’s front line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roger Berg with the help of the owners of ‘Main Street Signs’ and ‘Rose Connection’ spent Friday morning placing flower bouquets and about 40 uplifting signs outside of business establishments, medical buildings, and first responder stations.

Berg said the idea came together after the owner of ‘Main Street Signs’ put the words ‘stay tough Wisconsin’ in his store window.

“It just came out of the more or less air that we said we gotta do something. Well what do we do?” he said. “Well why don’t we do some signs? Why don’t we thank the people that are the especially important people? And why don’t we try to get an attitude in the community to show that we are together and we’ll get through this.”

Berg also said the group initially planned to work anonymously but because Evansville operates like a close family news of their handiwork spread quickly.

Once their efforts were known Berg said first responders and people in the community were really appreciative of their signs.

“I’ve had different ones come to me and say oh thank you and my answer is no–thank you,” he added. “I’m just bringing it around, you’re the ones doing it.”