Stave will start at QB for Badgers

Redshirt freshman gets his chance against UTEP
Stave will start at QB for Badgers

Redshirt freshman Joel Stave will make his first collegiate start at quarterback for the Wisconsin Badgers Saturday against UTEP at Camp Randall.

Danny O’Brien had started the first three games of the season, but was pulled at halftime of last Saturday’s Utah State game after a fumble and an interception that was called back by a penalty.

Bret Bielema says ball security is the number one priority for Wisconsin’s quarterback and that’s why the original move was made.

Bielema is hopeful Stave will be the long-term answer at quarterback. “He’s the kinda a guy that is a little bit unique he is wide beyond his years and still has a little bit of kid in him”, Bielema said.

“When you see him he has some innocence and when you see that in a QB that doesn’t get rattled and he popped in there in a difficult situation down 14-3 and I dont know how many guys can that’s how they got their first chance as a college quarterback.