State Senate leader open to toll roads, reorganizing DNR

Fitzgerald not ruling out move to Trump job
State Senate leader open to toll roads, reorganizing DNR
Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Tuesday at a news conference that adding toll roads in Wisconsin is “not going away” as part of the discussion about how to raise money to pay for roads. The state faces a nearly $1 billion transportation budget shortfall.

Fitzgerald says tolling is “not something you want to take off the table.”

Gov. Scott Walker has refused to raise gas taxes, vehicle registration fees or other fees to pay for roads without a comparable cut elsewhere. Republican legislative leaders say they still think cuts could be made to pay for increases to pay for roads.

Fitzgerald open to reorganizing Department Natural Resources

The leader of Wisconsin state Senate Republicans says they are open to splitting the Department of Natural Resources into separate agencies.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald was asked about the idea Tuesday in a news conference with reporters.

Splitting the DNR has been discussed off and on for years, but the idea has run into opposition from environmental and outdoors groups who fear that the move will endanger outdoor recreation, increase costs to taxpayers and further weaken the state’s air and water quality protections.

Fitzgerald says Senate Republicans “have an open ear” to the idea and he thinks Walker is considering proposing it as part of the state budget.

Fitzgerald says, “I don’t think they’ve slammed the door on the idea, that’s for sure.”

Fitzgerald not ruling out move to Trump administration

Wisconsin Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he hasn’t been offered a job in Donald Trump’s administration, but he also “can’t take it off the table.”

Fitzgerald was asked Tuesday whether he’s still interested in a job with the incoming president. Fitzgerald was an early and loud advocate for Trump in Wisconsin.

Fitzgerald says it’s been a “neat experience” to speak with the Trump team about what he could offer the incoming administration. Fitzgerald says his last talk with them was when Trump was in Waukesha County last month as part of his victory tour. Fitzgerald says it would be “awesome” if there were something substantial he could offer Trump.