State Senate candidate says she’s received hateful voicemail, other death threats during campaign

MADISON, Wis.– A Democratic candidate running for Wisconsin State Senate District 26 in Madison is shining a light on the messages of hate she has received, after she said someone sent her a voicemail with “vile rhetoric.”

Nada Elmikashfi said she has received hundreds of hate messages since announcing her campaign for Wisconsin State Senate District 26 in March. Elmikashfi said this one was different.

“The voicemail was tame compared to the death threats that we’ve gotten in the past and in the last couple of days,” Elmikashfi said. “There’s a numbness there because it’s happened so much in the past few days, especially, but it is the first time that I had heard it spoken out loud.”

Elmikashfi said she chose to post a recording of the voicemail on her Facebook page for people to understand what hate sounds like.

“It’s important for me, I think, and my team to not become desensitized to them, because it’s hundreds and hundreds of comments of hate,” Elmikashfi said. “It’s not one of the first. It’s one of many.”

While Elmikashfi said the voicemail was sent from a place of hate, she knows the world has a lot of love to give.

“I think it’s a reminder for all of us that we need to do better as a society. All of us, not just white people, to really make sure that we are protecting one another, that we are not pushing in our own ways philosophies of hate,” Elmikashfi said.

Elmikashfi said messages of love and positivity have also been flowing through. Other candidates in the race for Wisconsin State Senate District 26 said they’re appalled with the messages that Elmikashfi said she received.

“It’s sickening to my core that anyone would try to subject her to that type of abuse,” Wisconsin State Senate District 26 candidate Brian Benford said. “I don’t even have words.”

“This is just another example of dehumanization of women of color in power. It’s disgusting. It is unfortunate that it takes drastic, horrific actions of hate for the white community to actually notice that communities of color have been fighting these systems of oppression and voices of hatred,” Wisconsin State Senate District 26 candidate Aisha Moe said. “I’m proud of Nada for not backing down. While we may be opponents in this race, I am in her corner.”

“It’s disgraceful. No one should have to endure threats or hateful language. Unfortunately, online abuse and threats of violence are all too common, especially against women and people of color who run for office,” Wisconsin State Senate District 26 candidate Kelda Roys said. “As someone who knows what it feels like to receive violent threats, my heart goes out to her and I’m angry that racist, sexist, violent language is used to threaten and intimidate people.”

“It is a sad occurrence that our candidates are being threatened because of race, skin color, gender, and religion,” Wisconsin State Senate District 26 candidate William Davis III said.

News 3 Now did not immediately hear back from Wisconsin State Senate District 26 candidates John Imes and Amani Latimer Burris.

Elmikashfi said her team will report threatening messages to the authorities.