State Patrol warns of fake-sergeant phone scam

Caller asks for money to settle relative's car crash debt, officials say
State Patrol warns of fake-sergeant phone scam

Wisconsin State Patrol officials are warning residents about a phone scam where the caller asks for money to pay for repairs after a traffic crash, according to a release.

The caller identifies himself as a sergeant from the State Patrol Green Bay office and asks for money for a car crash involving a relative, officials said.

State Patrol officials have received reports of at least two callers identifying themselves as “Sgt. Walker of the State Patrol office in Green Bay,” deputies said. The fake sergeant asks for $900 to pay for damages caused by the resident’s child or grandchild in a crash.

According to the release, the fake sergeant tells the resident the money needs to be wired immediately and is needed to fix damages so the other driver does not press charges.

“The phone message is a scam, and the State Patrol under no circumstances would contact anyone with such a request for money,” said Maj. Brian Rahn, director of the Bureau of Field Operations, in the release.

Officials ask anyone who receives a similar scam phone call to call the State Patrol Northeast Region at 920-929-3700.