State Patrol should end speeding tickets by quota

State Patrol requirements appear illegal
State Patrol should end speeding tickets by quota

For many good reasons Wisconsin has since 1999 had a law on the books that prohibits law enforcement agencies from requiring offices to write a certain number of tickets and warnings.

But it appears standards Wisconsin State Patrol troopers must meet in order to qualify for promotions or pay hikes include requirements to write a minimum number of tickets and warnings per shift. That, says former state Representative DuWayne Johnsrud, is a quota, and quotas are what the bill he co-authored with State Senator Jon Erpenbach was intended to prevent.

News 3 investigative reporter Adam Shrager’s story on the quotas offers evidence State Patrol officials are violating the law.

But not only does the practice undermine the trust citizens must have in their law enforcement agencies, but it puts the officers themselves in the awkward position of having their motivation questioned during a stressful encounter with citizens.

We expect the State Patrol to change its policy and bring employee evaluation procedures back into compliance with state law.