State officials warn Wisconsin homeowners to prepare for severe spring flooding

JANESVILLE, Wis. – Officials with the state of Wisconsin are warning the spring of 2020 could feature severe flooding.

Due to water-soaked ground, melting snow and rain could lead to runoff and high water.

State officials are now warning homeowners with no flooding insurance who live in floodplains to consider adding the service.

“It’s one of those things I often equate to life insurance,” said Janesville insurance agent Gary Ellis.  “People know that it’s there, but they don’t really understand it. A lot of people think it’s covered under their homeowner’s insurance.”

Ellis says each year, a handful of people realize they need flooding insurance after it’s too late.

“For those folks, there was no reimbursement,” he said.

Officials are urging homeowners to visit for more information on flooding insurance.